Entry #10

Persona Change

2014-10-17 01:23:18 by LightYagami123

I always had a philosophical attitude towards things and my personal creations. I was more influenced by Japanese culture and its output of art (referring to Anime) than other forms of art. But, lately, studying humanities at my univ had given me another perspective in animation (art). I didn't lose my love for anime and its culture...just the foundation of its influence on me and my art. I hate to be a part of a group or any social artwork premise. I learned how Michelangelo was a lone wolf type of fellow and how people admired his rare talent of art but at the same time disliked his "in-your-face" personality. Michelangelo's talent was a "deviation" from the norms during his time. I'm handing in my Anime foundation. I'm going to take the Michelangelo approach in animation and in art as a whole. Pieta


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